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Personal training with Carrie has changed not only my body but my life--I have gone from a size 16 (who could not do a single push-up) to a size 9, and one who relies on working out to keep me sane. If I can do this, anyone can do this! Carrie is a non-judgmental, professional, and thoughtful trainer who is truly committed to women being our best selves. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Dr. Kirsten S.
Current FitBody Client
Welcome To FitBody

FitBody stands for a passion for good health and fitness practices and the belief that “lifestyle” is the essence of fitness and beauty.

Welcome to FitBody. Founded by Carrie Villa BS, Certified Fitness Trainer,
1st Degree Black Belt-American Karate.

Specializing in fitness for women, we are excited to share our enthusiasm, discipline and dedication to help you achieve impressive and lasting results.

Our Mission

The mission of FitBody is to help you become “your” fitness best. Whatever your fitness level, we are committed to helping you become “your” FitBody, by providing exceptional service in a pleasant and supportive environment.

We Are:

  • Passionate about good health and exercise practices
  • Committed to extraordinary and professional service
  • Determined to help you achieve “your” individual goals
  • Committed to providing sound nutritional consultation and fitness practices



             2654 Nicholson Street, San Leandro CA 94577 (510) 421-5055